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What I Fear Most

What I fear most
is a lack of collaboration
mind, body,
spirit, if it exists,
bowing out at different times

Dad did it right
sang to me
the day before he died
mind still clear
walked and talked
and only lay down
to give us a heads up
it was time to say
so long

I fear being unable to
walk or talk
when my mind is sharp
unable to say,
I love you
Take care of each other
Feed the dog
Think I’ll die now

Or worse
fogged forgetfulness
to grieve my missing mind
not knowing if the person who says
“I love you, Mom,” is really my child
or an imposter
To strike out in anger and frustration
at visitors who don’t want to be there
or the caregiver who changes my diaper

I fear wanting to die and being kept alive
I fear lingering until friends and family
hate themselves for contemplating murder
I fear there will be no compassionate partner
to pull the plug

What I fear most
is a lack of collaboration.


First published in Chachalaca Review


He Called Them Animals


Black dog
wiggles her feet in the air
snuggles her nose
against my naked arm
soft animal with kind brown eyes

Halloween hued butterflies
whirl and rise
animals whose beauty
enchants my eyes

His obscene mouth
calls humans animals
belittles both
provides permission
for the mean kick
permission to regard

person as pest














Published in San Diego Poetry Annual 2018-19



5/16/19 Haiku

We wait for the rain

Sit on the edge of the now

Shoes sit by the door


4/21/19 (Easter) Bombings in Sri Lanka


Cold and blustery
Across world, death in churches
Our Mother Earth grieves

Yet in this morning
The hummer sips her nectar
Flowers bloom their hope

Those Awful Pink Dresses in the 50s (Am I Blue?)

(Image: Louisiana Zombie Afternoon, by Jenn Zed (UK) 2018)

Pistol packin’ mama
smoking’ dad
dressed you in pink taffeta
trite knickknack
in their curio cabinet
don’t be like us
be pure, be pink, be perfect

When life’s earthquake
breaks you apart
but all you knew
becomes the glue
who ya gonna emulate,
learn to hate?
It’s too late
to be
what they created
don’t be upset, statuette
Am I blue?
you’d be, too.

Accepted and posted On Line by Ekphrastic Review

#OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 31–Endless?


My altar: Eclectic is my middle name. Karma? Heaven? Nothing? Remembrance for a short time?



All that stands beneath the sky

will someday wither, fade, and die

so let us hold this life so dear

and seek adventure without fear

love and laugh and banish sorrow

it all will be a dream tomorrow

Although I know they’ll come an end

to your life, and mine, my friend

perhaps a bit of my bad rhyme

will be remembered over time

or cause a thought to rise again

from some young wiser poet’s pen

Prompt: Endless

#OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 30–Dancing on the Moon


Dancing on the Moon

Do you see me
dancing on the moon?
That slight young girl
long hair whirling
lithe body, leaping, turning
full of mysterious magic
for a brief moment
sure of herself in the world?

See the deep blue night
that empty beach
iridescent waves?

She sings Mr. Tambourine Man
reaches to touch the diamond sky
bare feet
circus sand
life’s swirling ship
not yet tested by storms

Do you see me?

Not these wrinkled
knobby hands, aching bones
Not the crone of the broken mirror
of the unsure step

Do you see me
Dancing on the moon?


Prompt: Dancing on the Moon