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Bhutan 3/15/18

Old woman

battered by seas

of self loathing,

self doubt

wobbling wheel

seeking center

I long to crawl

into Buddha’s great lap

curl like temple dogs

sun-warmed on steps

rest in this gentle land

across the world from my own

stop seeking

be still

A Purely made up Fantasy

I wrote this just after the election to try to boost my spirits, but now that I hear it may be a theme in the new book that just came out, I thought I’d better post it now.

A Purely made up Fantasy

by Barbara Huntington

In a large skyscraper in New York City:

“Mr. Ivanov and Mr. Petrov to see you sir.”

“Ruskies. Joe, can you handle it? I’m trying out ways to fire that girl tonight to get the biggest outrage from the press, really big outrage! ”

“I checked their backgrounds, sir. They appear to be with the Russian bank you worked with on a deal in London? They say they will only talk to you. They said to mention their American investment.”

“Damn! Ok. Let me comb my hair. Tell them I am in the middle of a big TV deal, the best deal, will make me a lot of money. The most money. I have lots of money already. Lots of money.” (Reaches his right hand into his desk drawer and keeps it there.)

Two men in grey business suits enter as the assistant leaves. “Sir, you are aware of our deal?”

“Yes, it’s a great deal. The best deal. It will make us lots of money.”

“You are no doubt aware that the deal has gone under and you owe us five billion U.S. dollars? Oh, by the way, the gun you are holding in your desk drawer has no bullets. We unloaded it earlier as a precaution.”

“That is a big deal, lot’s of money, big money. Your bank will be very rich.”

“The deal is kapoot. You belong to us and we have what we believe will be a mutually beneficial solution. Wouldn’t you like to be President of the United States?”

“No way. I have my money, big money, my real estate, my TV show. The best TV show!”

“Our people have talked to your friend, the former president and convinced him, with his help we can get you the nomination. Of course, we are telling him, you cannot win the election, so he thinks his candidate will easily win the presidency.”

“What if I run and lose? Will that satisfy the debt?”

“Of course, Sir! Good by. Our office will be in your office, I mean in touch with your office.”

He sinks into his chair and reaches for his phone. “Hello, Scott? Yes, find me the best campaign person you can find. Tell him I am running for president, but want to come in second. Call Bill and tell him I rethought his suggestion and I’m going to go for it. We can do this. Oh, have your staff brainstorm a list of all the things a presidential candidate should never do or say. Yes, in a debate, in a rally, of course! (Pushes end button on phone.)

This will be the best! What a coup! No way do I want to win this thing, but what the hell, I have practice with the TV show being outrageous. They will never vote me into office. I will lose by the most votes ever and get out of five billion. I will lose to be the big winner! The biggest loser and the biggest winner! The best! Now who would be the best folks to make me unpopular?  (Pushes button on phone.)

Kathy, get me the number of the KKK, yes the Klan, and do you know any Nazis?

Mysterious (acrostic) –Day Thirty-one #OctPoWriMo October 31, 2017


any mini monsters haunt our street tonight
Y elling “boo” and laughing, what a scary sight
S trange ghosts and goblins running down the street
T iny little princesses screaming “trick or treat”
E very one in costumes, masks and cut up sheets
R eady for their sugar high from all the yummy treats?
I  bought a lot of candy, but I hope I have enough
O therwise I might be wise to find them other stuff
U nderneath the street light the eating frenzies start
S ave chocolate for mom and dad, if they are smart

The Forbidden Book at Sleepovers (Kyrielle) –Day Thirty #OctPoWriMo October 30, 2017


The Forbidden Book at Sleepovers (Kyrielle)

Though we knew it was forbidden
our sleepover hostess took it
from the place she kept it hidden
and read The Tropic of Cancer

And maybe she’d find cheap red wine
and in our glasses pour a bit
and we would feel risqué and fine
and read the Tropic of Cancer

One night she passed a jumbled joint
and each one took a cautious hit
forbidden pleasure was the point
we read the Tropic of Cancer

Mud and Lavender–Day Twenty- nine #OctPoWriMo October 29, 2017


Mud and Lavender

The scent of lavender tickled my nose
a bird sang from his hidden nest
when cool mud squished between our toes

‘twas then you offered me a rose
and pulled me tight against your chest
the scent of lavender tickled my nose

You knew you were the one I chose
and you picked me above the rest
when cool mud squished between our toes

Through summer’s shade and sweet repose
surrender to our lovers’ quest
the scent of lavender tickled my nose

Songbird gone, replaced by crows
that summer stays within my chest
when cool mud squished between our toes

Though death has dealt deep grief and woes
These memories remain the best
the scent of lavender tickled my nose
when cool mud squished between our toes

Dog–Day Twenty- eight #OctPoWriMo October 28, 2017


furry friend

Tashi wags her tail
warm pink tongue licks my hand
paws me when I sit too long

“calm compassion with Yoda ears”

Magic Flower–Day Twenty-seven #OctPoWriMo October 27, 2017


Magic Flower

the scent of gardenias
warm summer nights
we kids in pajamas
windows cranked down
born along by Buzzer
our yellow Nash Rambler

pause by the front door
pick the whitest, freshest flower
childhood ritual
gardenia to nose
head, half out the window
Foothill Boulevard
blooming orange groves
drive-in movie

gardenia, orange blossoms,
smoke from Dad’s cigarette
mom’s long brown hair
against tan bare shoulders
black halter top
wide red belt to match lips and nails
white polka dots on a black skirt
easy evening out for the two of them

double feature
kid’s cartoon
then something more adult
first show not finished
before brown gardenia
dropped from my hand
child’s peaceful slumber

In those days I liked to think
my magic fragrant flower
moved my parents closer
on Buzzer’s bench seat
that somehow my child’s ritual
charmed Mother’s choice
before special dates with Dad
when she wore her black halter top
and spritzed Jungle Gardenia
on her tan shoulders