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Where will I go? ––Accepted to San Diego Poetry Annual 2015

April 7, 2015

Where will I go
When I have to go somewhere?
Will I receive visits
From guilt-ridden youth?
Will I still care
When I have to go somewhere?
Will my hair be disheveled,
My manner uncouth?

Will I cry and leave slobber
All over my pillow?
Will I fake that I know you
When I know you not?
Will the night nurse get even
And not change my diaper?
Will I pull up the covers
Although I am hot?

How will I die
When I have to die someday?
Will I languish alone
Or surrounded by friends?
Outdoors in a forest
Or a shit-smelling warehouse,
If it stinks, just don’t tell me
The way that it ends.

(c) Barbara Huntington

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  1. Interesting observations about becoming Old – particularly about nursing homes. My biggest

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