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Father’s Other Lover–Accepted to 2016 San Diego Poetry Annual

February 23, 2016

Should I hate you, Father’s other lover?
You were young,
Eyes ablaze with passions
That once fueled the love he held for her

Decrying society’s limitations
You pitied prisoners bound by race and poverty
Yet fiercely held another woman’s husband
Could you not see your own cage?

My parents pledged to change the world
She changed diapers, stopped writing
Afraid to compete with her man
Held him through his children
Her role defined by an engagement ring
Presented in a double boiler

But you, you were his comrade in arms
Fiercely independent, fearless fighter
Poverty, civil rights, freedom
Adrenalin fueled fucking,
You, too, surrendered
Mistress for his prestige

Two women loved a man
Loved him for his vision
Of justice and empowerment
Except for them

Two women taught me well
Taught me to break chains of subjugation
Taught me to build my own

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  1. Don permalink

    My favorite poem so far – feel your finding your Voice.

  2. This is marvelous, Barbara. I see the players clearly.Feel the anguish of the mother and applaud the learning of the daughter. xoA

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