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Perspective–Day Six #OctPoWriMo October 6, 2017.

October 6, 2017




Today while I fretted about:

finishing the book
writing the poem
cleaning the refrigerator
feeding the dog
rehoming the books
getting to the meeting on time…


died at a concert
starved after a hurricane
learned she had cancer
became a slave
contracted HepA
lost their child
said good-bye for the last time…

Then I fed the dog.




  1. Barbara, it’s terrific. Yes, we go on with our daily chores and thoughts — and big time “stuff” happens to so many others. I like how you came back with your last line. Thank you. xoA

  2. This is the truth, and hits the heart hard.

  3. I like the way we Fret about the same Things. Happiness First – the World can Wait

  4. Carrie permalink

    Bittersweet isn’t it? This flow of life

  5. That’s how life is… Bitter and sweet …

  6. Millie permalink

    I like how you fit your ordinary life into the broader universe that, for today, at least, is giving you a free pass. Yes, ordinary can be thrilling.

  7. Millie permalink

    I like how you fret over your ordinary chores while the universe, for today, at least, is giving you a free pass. Placing yourself in the broad picture surely makes you more appreciative.

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