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Sometimes I like to Imagine–Day Twelve #OctPoWriMo October 12, 2017 (Sestina?)

October 12, 2017


Sometimes I like to Imagine

Sometimes I like to imagine
a garden of infinite joy
a friend to share a stone bench and a cup of coffee
As tree leaves twinkle below the clouds
we listen to the sweet bass drone of a plane
birds sing their soprano music

Our voices join their music
and as flowers fall from the tree we imagine
colorful parachutes drifting from the soaring plane
butterflies dance with joy
swirl up to the clouds
our day scented by lavender and rich coffee

Ah the coffee
We lean back to savor it and the music
yearn to sleep on soft clouds
dare to imagine
releasing colorful parachutes of joy
from our benevolent plane

We gaze down from our plane
see ourselves, contented with our coffee
savoring the joy
the breeze and the birds’ mellow music
can you imagine
floating away on the clouds?

Will there always be new clouds
people on another plane
others that linger in the garden to imagine
while they chat over coffee
listen to nature’s music
relinquish themselves to joy?

Oh the joy
Deep blue sky and scudding clouds
Nature provides enchanted music
drone of plane
scent of coffee
When they see a plane what do birds imagine?

Sometimes I like to imagine we increase the world’s joy
as we sip our coffee below the clouds
watch the soaring plane, beguiled by the birds’ music

  1. Oo la laga..loved it … Bravo

  2. You did a magnificent job with the sestina! I could see the scene, the people, the plane; smell the coffee and hear the music.
    A favorite line: “When they see a plane what do birds imagine?”

    Thank you, Barb. xoA

  3. You’ve given this a great floaty quality, wow! A poem that drifts through my mind and lingers.

  4. Carrie Danielson permalink

    I just re read and love it even more!!!

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