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Prayer Flags–Day Fourteen #OctPoWriMo October 14, 2017

October 14, 2017


Prayer Flags


Sometimes my words

                       flap and flutter  like

                                         the prayer flags

                                                         above my deck

 Though torn and tattered

                       they prevail                and welcome the

                                     hummingbird  who

                                              rests on their ragged rope





  1. Barbara, this is another fine poem. Love the comparison to the prayer flags. “Though torn and tattered they prevail…” Thank you, xoA

  2. Millie McCoo permalink

    Love this poem.

  3. This made my heart smile ❤️

  4. ‘Sometimes my words flutter’ is a perfect description for what it’s like to write poetry.

  5. Carrie Danielson permalink

    I’m super jealous, this ocpowrimo is fun!! It’s giving you the creative structure to write brilliant poetry!

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