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The Lover–DayTwenty-four #OctPoWriMo October 24, 2017

October 24, 2017


The Lover

I fell in love with Facebook
because he made me laugh
bought my heart with kittens
pandas, a giraffe

And as our love deepened
he taught me others care
for our endangered planet
and the critters living there

He showed me social justice
Black Lives Matter, Occupy
I saw the truth through Bernie
and how corporations lie

I joined up with millennials
who grew and found their voice
and folks could marry whom they loved
and women had a choice

But the power to change opinion
to control what people share
can corrupt the best intentions
and I fear he’s heading there

When did he become distrustful
of the posts that my friends read
when did he decide to be the one
to choose what people need?

Has he fallen for big pharma
as he’s joined the one percent
when he said your post was fake news
was that really what he meant?

Is my lover an abuser
it’s so painful to believe
let’s find another way to meet
before I have to leave


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