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Silent Retreat–Day Twenty-six #OctPoWriMo October 26, 2017

October 26, 2017
IMG_1204Lieu Quan Meditation Center, Warner Springs, California

Silent Retreat

Sit on meditation bench
something happens, doesn’t
mind falls into dark abyss

No words, no images
bow to towering stone Buddha
sit on meditation bench

Above me the Buddha sits serene
below the Buddha I bow
something happens, doesn’t

I am the one who bows to the stone Buddha
I am the statue that crumbles as it bows to me
mind falls into dark abyss

  1. I have discovered it is very hard to put in words something for which there are no words or images. Whatever happened was lost as soon as my mind defined it as falling into a dark abyss or becoming a bowing Buddha statue bowing to me bowing to the Buddha statue.

  2. Carrie permalink

    Another good one! Is this a particular form or free verse?

  3. Lovely job with the form, Barb. And, I love the entire last stanza and the images you set forth. Thank you. xoA

  4. Subject and form go together so well here! My favourite line is Something happens, doesn’t. Very well done!

  5. Great poem and love the cascade …

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