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The Forbidden Book at Sleepovers (Kyrielle) –Day Thirty #OctPoWriMo October 30, 2017

October 30, 2017


The Forbidden Book at Sleepovers (Kyrielle)

Though we knew it was forbidden
our sleepover hostess took it
from the place she kept it hidden
and read The Tropic of Cancer

And maybe she’d find cheap red wine
and in our glasses pour a bit
and we would feel risqué and fine
and read the Tropic of Cancer

One night she passed a jumbled joint
and each one took a cautious hit
forbidden pleasure was the point
we read the Tropic of Cancer

  1. Topic: forbidden. Form: Kyrielle. This is the less usual pattern of Kyrielle with rhyme pattern, axaZ. bxbZ, cxcZ . Each line of the quatrains contains eight syllables. This should not be undertaken after a day of boxing up books, but pouring the wine for the image provided a nice reward. Have you ever tried to find nail polish and lipstick and hairbrushes that look like the 60’s. Had to cheat. And, of course, with 7,000 books in the house, could I find a copy of Tropic of Cancer? (Did find another Miller, though)

  2. Loved the slumber party motif. Thank you. xoA

  3. Love it! Interesting form. Bravo!

  4. Oh, and last day? Are you going to continue?

  5. My mom read it – I read the part about San Diego’s Red Light district. Cool slumber party

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