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#OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 1–Surrender

October 1, 2018


Last night I asked for rain, but Rosa shrugged her shoulders and gave me this sunset.


You surrendered to solitude
let go of the what ifs
the somedays,
the he will come

Surrendered to silence
just the dog clicking down the hall
the only soft breath
your own

No need to compromise
pleased your own palate
ate when you were damned good and ready
synchronized sleep with your sigh
at the book’s last page

You surrendered to the laugh lines
the frown lines
the sag
the fragility

Surrendered to forgetfulness
the hand that ached
the jar unopened
the cleaning and garden chores undone

But should
a graying knight offer
to warm your winter
share the chores
laugh at the unopened jar
that defeats you both
will you risk the charge up one last hill
and surrender to love?



  1. Barb, this is beautiful! A favorite image:
    “synchronized sleep with your sigh
    at the book’s last page”
    Thank you. xoA

  2. Yes, yes, yes!

  3. Beautiful, great imagery…the jar unopened…says it all

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