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#OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 3–Pain to Power

October 3, 2018


Pain to Power

It’s time for women to arise
At last the world has heard our cries
Booze fueled abuse by rich white men
will never silence us again. We know their lies

He stands unclothed, his greed revealed
His racist rants, his hate unsealed
But now that evil has a name
we will no longer hide in shame. His fate is sealed

The more he mocks, the more we’ll tell
Recount each woman’s secret hell
Pain to power, we’re not their toys
we won’t accept “boys will be boys,”
and we’ll vote well



The prompt was “Insecurity” and the form a florette.  Sometimes poems tell you things.  This poem said, “I’ll go with the florette, but damned if I will pander to your insecurity!”  The poem always wins. BTW, when I pasted it into the blog, the last line insisted on jumping down to stand alone instead of remaining tied to the one before it.

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