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#OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 22–Surrender Poems

October 22, 2018


Tonight a pastel sunset reminded me of the poems I didn’t use for October 1 and when the muse played hard-to-get, I decided to go back and visit my notebook.  Resetting to Day 1?


Surrender Poems

Surrender to love? I’m ready

Here’s my white flag

but my army stands confused

no enemy waits to receive my bow

Can I surrender to not-love?

to the perfect sunset

the balmy night

the scent of jasmine?

I waited for summer

and now that it is here

the calendar strikes fall


The first of October and

finally the evening air is pleasant

warmth carries the scent of jasmine, summer

and love’s promise so long ago

when surrender was sweet

in the arms of youth

the racing heart

urged on by each tentative caress

dance of danger and sweet surrender


Tonight as I sat on the deck

bare feet on the rail

a pale warm sunset purpled into black

the night blooming jasmine

lifted me to when the soft brush of

furtive fingertips against my arm

set off currents of longing

and soft lips against mine

were almost too much to bear


Rebellion doesn’t allow surrender

unless it comes as sweet death

my old voice wants to scream

don’t give up, yet

I linger with my glass of wine

as the sun screams against the sky

in all its red and purple

before it is snuffed out

in darkness

Why do I allow the jasmine scent to

spirit me to a time of youthful excitement

bodies in discovery in the cool night

intertwined in don’t-let-go

finally complete

happy in our yin and yang

your magnet pull

the circuit that flashed

the flow that jolted the

heart to bursting


surrender to love

surrender to solitude

surrender to what is

surrender to sunset

  1. Love this one!

  2. ‘Can I surrender to not-love’ – that resonates so much. It’s a beautiful piece!

  3. All of them!!!!! These stab at my loneliness, can we be with people but desperately alone?

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