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Those Awful Pink Dresses in the 50s (Am I Blue?)

April 26, 2019

(Image: Louisiana Zombie Afternoon, by Jenn Zed (UK) 2018)

Pistol packin’ mama
smoking’ dad
dressed you in pink taffeta
trite knickknack
in their curio cabinet
don’t be like us
be pure, be pink, be perfect

When life’s earthquake
breaks you apart
but all you knew
becomes the glue
who ya gonna emulate,
learn to hate?
It’s too late
to be
what they created
don’t be upset, statuette
Am I blue?
you’d be, too.

Accepted and posted On Line by Ekphrastic Review

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  1. Love it Barb. Best line for me. When life’s earthquake breaks you apart!

  2. Homage to two old songs

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