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Fred died on October 21, 2010

October 22, 2013

Fred photo

Tonight is the night

I remember the last night

Too shaky to handle a spoon,

I fed you

Did I say goodbye?  Kiss you goodnight?

I want to remember I did

But I will never know

I remember the call as I was crawling into bed

“We’ve called 911

He will be in emergency”

Stumbling back into clothes

Calling our daughter

I assumed it was another false alarm

Three children at your side by morning

One asked for Jesus to take you in his arms

I willed you free from suffering

Tonight is the night

I remember our last night

The last time you spoke

Before you were gone

From → Poetry

  1. Beautiful and heartfelt, full of emotion, Barbara. Thank you. xoA ❤

  2. Your poetry is remarkable in its grace and honesty. What a gift you have!

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