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I read this at the Mingei in San Diego at an Exhibit on the Color Blue

September 23, 2013

Once in a Blue Moon
by Barb Huntington


Once in the Blue Moon Saloon
I felt that unbearable lightness of being
Exactly that
The heaviness of years of just living

Our arrogant lead guitarist
wanted to know what I was on
I was on the moment, the music
Once, long ago, in the Blue Moon Saloon

Tonight, driving home, another blue moon
I feel that unbearable lightness of being
Exactly that
The heaviness of years of science

I know what I am on:

Words! Language! Poetry!

Tasting the wine I want more and more
I claim my genetic birthright

The music of words
Might happen once in a blue moon
But there will always be
Another blue moon

Best of Friends 1 1                Best of Friends 2

Our old band, The Best of Friends.

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One Comment
  1. Back in the eighties, I was a vocalist/drummer in a band (not my day job). We were not terribly good, but we were enthusiastic. The day we were invited to play at the Blue Moon Saloon in Manhattan Beach was a highlight and I really was inebriated with the joy of playing there.

    Years later, after being in the sciences and away from the arts and literature, I took a chance and took a class on The Living Writer. The class was in the evening and the first one was held on the night of the blue moon. I was once more carried away with how much I enjoyed poetry and literature and as I went out the door, the title of our assignment on The Unbearable LIghtness of Being, swirled though my head. My mother and grandmother wrote poetry. May dad was a newspaper writer. I drove home, enchanted by the big blue moon and the promise in my head.

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