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Rules for Eating Pistachios–Published in Volume 9 of A Year in INK

June 11, 2016

Fresh from the co-op
In a pottery bowl shaped by an artistic friend
He’s now a dentist
His new art, crowns and dentures

Don’t crack shells with your teeth!

I make a rule for myself:
I may savor the salty insides
‘til empty shells fill my palm
If a shell falls
I cease my feast

I pry open another nut
A single shell falls to the floor
But if I am careful
My palm could cradle more

Rule revision:

I retrieve the shell back to my palm
Pick apart another pistachio
And another
I will my hand to hold one more,
Coax open a reluctant nut

Shells splatter to the floor
My palm is empty
The bowl of pistachios isn’t

Rules be damned!

  1. What a fun read! Congratulations on your publication Barb!

  2. ___123___Rules for Eating Pistachios–Published in Volume 9 of A Year in INK | The Poetry and Prose of Barbara Huntington___123___

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