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Orange Dragon (11/26/2016)

November 23, 2016


An orange dragon scorched our land with orange loathing.
Orange fire beneath dark smoke
Orange hate, slime of ownership
Of what should be left in the ground
Dead bodies, black skin of beings
The waste, the remains
Black snake fed by greed, lust.

Sick, fatigued,
Craving the sacred water
I rose from the putrid sheets
Put guilt aside
Felt the warm clear stream wash my weariness

Too late, I spied a helpless spider,
Limp thread legs,
Swirl, down the drain by my feet
Slain by my cleansing wash

I wished it free from suffering, a fortunate rebirth,
Then asked the same for me

Robed and clean, I entered the garden
An orange monarch whirled with another
Then floated to an orange milkweed flower
A tiny lizard, peered up at me from an orange stone
Nodded, and filled me with orange happiness

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  1. I always enjoy going to workshops given by Jim Moreno. The most recent one was centered around Thich Nhat Hanh. Here is one of three poems I wrote during the workshop at San Diego Writers, INK.

  2. during this current political season, I find that i am suspect of most any metaphor or double entendre. i surmise that the orange ‘color represents a spectrum stab at our present boofoe or at least that’s how i read it

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