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#OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 8–Women of the World

October 8, 2018

Women of the World

Women of the world rebel it’s time to tell don’t hide it away another day that won’t work well they’ll only say why did you bring it up now instead of yesterday you can win point out his sin he’ll deny it if you try it he will lie if you try and deny abuse what’s the use? don’t be obtuse he wants you to give in keep you where you’ve been shout his shame, it’s not yours, name his name reveal his game don’t allow his lame excuses for abuses we’ve all been there the burden bear women care we’ve had enough be tough don’t stuff it anymore don’t be a mouse show abuses to the door leave them lying on the floor of the senate and the house



Prompt: Moments of Madness (or maybe just mad) Form: Did not choose to use the Blitz Poem because the poem decided otherwise

  1. Cara Hartley permalink

    Excellent! It needs to be said loud and proud, as was done here. And if they don’t listen the first time, we’ll keep saying it!

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