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#OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 14–If I Were the Me

October 14, 2018


If I Were the Me

If I were the me

that I want to be

I’d travel the world and sing

Given the chance

I’d break into dance

‘cause I could do anything

I wouldn’t be shy

I’d find the right guy

but I’d be just as fine when alone

I’d lose all my fright

of driving at night

A sociable self-assured crone

I was a mouse

and he was a louse

and it happened a long time ago

When it came rushing back

I felt under attack

since I thought I had finally let go

A month of rhyme

may just be the time

I needed to rant and to rage

I’m ready to quit

to get rid of it

and emerge a mischievous sage


When I woke up this morning and was still lying in bed, I looked at my phone and saw the prompt. Luckily, I keep a notebook by the bed, because this silly little ditty poured out.


One Comment
  1. NOT a silly ditty. Love it, I think you need to compile a chapbook. All these are delightful and poignant at the same time…

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