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#OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 13–If You Were Me

October 13, 2018


If You Were Me

How can you tell me not to judge

when you have never feared

imminent rape?

How can you say, “You will destroy his life” when

I have heard that anger before

from an abusive alcoholic man

declaring his innocence in a voice

the once again overpowered mine?

What about her life

her innocence

her truth

her bravery

when she knew it would

destroy her?

Do you wake, shake, sweat

as he returns again and again in your dreams?

Do you walk faster at night to your car

in the dark parking garage

look over your shoulder

each time you enter an elevator?

Have you posed for a picture with your students

in our country’s capital

with a senator you admired

then felt a hand where it didn’t belong

told yourself you imagined it

or he didn’t mean it

learned better later

My truth is my truth

I will shout it even as his courts

hold heavy fingers on Justice’s scales

empower and excuse rich white men

uphold the disenfranchisement

of We the People



Damn.  Poetry is a good way to work through anger, but I had no idea how much I needed to do this.

  1. Powerful words. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Glad you wrote this one! I’ve had one rolling around in my head on the same subject but didn’t sit down and write it. Powerful line: “hold heavy fingers on Justice’s scales”. Thanks, Barbara. xoA

  3. It’s so hard to think that people just don’t get it, all the little things, day- to – day that inhibit our sense of freedom and self. Makes me damn mad. You too, I see. 🙂

  4. Tried to post this on Facebook and they said I was abusive and now can’t post on Facebook at all.

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