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#OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 18–The Fox and the Finch

October 18, 2018


The Fox and the Finch

Once upon a time

well, just the other day

an evil orange fox appeared in the land

his name I will not say

The fox proclaimed he was self-made

though his dad was filthy rich

he hired folks and never paid

he always found a glitch

And maybe he paid taxes

and maybe he did not

but something we can all surmise

he never paid a lot

He told the forest creatures

he was very, very wise

Those naïve beasts believed him

and listened to his lies

They made him king of everything

as he took their winter food

the fox was mean and vicious

he was rotten, he was lewd

He told them he was powerful

and by telling made it so

but the fox forgot to look up

so he never saw the crow

From his lookout overhead

Crow could see the fox’s ruse

he gathered all the forest birds

and told them the bad news

And the old crow knew enough was enough

He was a tough old bird

and he sent forth a tiny finch

to make his message heard

Please listen to that little finch

who landed on the lectern

so when 2020 comes around

that fox will feel the Bern


Prompt:  Once Upon a Time

Form: Fable

  1. This made me laugh. Well done.

  2. I love it! #FeelTheBern #StillSanders #Sanders2020

  3. This is such a great poem, using a form and children’s folktale to tell a very dangerous, sad story. I wish 2020 was here now. I’m so sick of politics.

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