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#OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 19–I Don’t Want Much

October 19, 2018


I Don’t Want Much

Remember me with love and laughter

and that will be enough hereafter

I hope my poems and prose live on

though I suppose it won’t matter to me when I’m gone

May descendents and students continue my fights

for compassion and justice and civil rights

and for all to have water, food, shelter and health

an end to greed and ridiculous wealth

May the young generations continue their stand

to save our planet, the oceans and land

to use clean resources for energy need

stop corporate welfare, corporate greed

May our country be blessed with young ethical leaders

And ditch all the current old crass bottom feeders

I guess what I’m really rooting for

Is an end to suffering, privilege, and war

I want so much it makes me dizzy

Kids, here’s the baton, you better get busy


Prompt: What I want

Form: Palindrome (which I didn’t use after I spent way too much time on it)

  1. Amazing, especially the day after the election and the firing of Sessions. We all better get busy.

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