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#OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 20–Time in Memory

October 20, 2018


Fred with his hero, Tony Gwynn.  Rumor has it some of Fred’s
ashes may have found their way to Tony’s Memorial at Petco Park.


Time in Memory

Today my mind goes back eight years

returns in tears

but that last day

won’t go away

his skeletal hand trembled so

eight years ago

his eyes were dim

as I fed him

He stopped, gave me a startled look

then he shook

lay back in bed

I think I said

I love you as I tiptoed out

looked back in doubt

went out the door

could not do more

That night as I lay down alone

I heard the phone

don’t miss your chance

called ambulance

Our children came from far away

arrived next day

we never heard

another word

And time keeps moving on and on

forever gone

I fear the phone

I lie alone

  1. {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}

  2. This is a stunning, moving and brilliant poem. Made me cry. And I totally get the phone thing…

  3. Your rhyme is mysterious to me. How do you do it? It contributes so much to this sad poem

  4. Called a minute poem. Check it under shadow poetry. I like the form, too

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