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#OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 27–Tibetan Mountain Pass

October 27, 2018


Tibetan Mountain Pass

Tibetan pass, prayer flags

blue, white, red, green, yellow

sky, air, fire, water, earth

Vibrant, then faded

as color carries hope

to sun-silvered peaks

Snap and swell

Defy the oppressive giant

Answer only to sky stream

Color’s breath

compassionate wishes

in the wind


Prompt: What Color is it?

Thought:  Faded prayer flags are auspicious. Colors fade as good wishes are carried to all.  They give me hope for this tiny country held captive by China

  1. I love how you say that color can carry hope and compassionate wishes. What a beautiful experience!

  2. Love sun-silvered peaks and the color fading as it goes out into the world. Is that what we do as humans? as grandparents?

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