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#OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 28–Broken

October 28, 2018



In those moments it was what I wanted

pottery cup held warm

fragrant coffee, soft in my mouth

its scent shared the garden

with orange blossoms, lavender

That blue cup fit my crooked hand

as if we had been together

for eternity,

now of birdsong

comfort in the cool morning,

warm hand

warm cup, warm mouth

Then came another morning

sweet grandchild

curious about the scent, the cup

carelessly left by the door when

I welcomed him

His tiny hand grasped but did not fit

and when grandma’s cup slipped

he cried over the wet blue shards

or perhaps the shock of the breaking

A grandmother’s fear first

grandson unharmed

I kept sadness hidden

After he left, I carried the pieces

to my garden, placed them

among well-traveled rocks and shells

near Monarch Milkweed

sage, sand

In this moment I hold a new cup

my fingers fit a different way

morning peace prevails

And as I contemplate the shards of

my once perfect world

my heart fills with love

for a tiny grandchild

a broken cup

another beginning


Prompt: Split in two (Hence, broken) Prompt from Workshop: In that Moment it was what I want…

Form:  Anglo-Saxon riddle (not used)

Written in a workshop by Jim Moreno at San Diego Writers INK

One Comment
  1. Poignant and full of vital imagery. I see his little hand, and I’ve seen those shards in the garden, literally and metaphorically

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