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04-29-2017 Thoughts on Today’s Climate Change March

April 29, 2017

climate march 2017Crazy signs are the whitecaps, but the surge and energy of a body of people driven by a connection to the earth, a need to protect our hive, swells from the calm and powerful ocean. Young, energetic believers build currents. Old, steady, I’ve-been-there-and-this-is-important folks just walk, provide their drop to the ocean, their mortar to the edifice.

Walls and dams can temporarily hold back the sea, but eventually the dikes will crumble. The human collectiveness, the so often hidden bond with mother earth, presses forward, seeps through drop by drop by drop. The dam falls.

Even when water is separated from the main body, lies in shallow, putrid, ponds, loses its bulk and power to prevail, even then, evaporation cleanses it. Clouds become rain and join the ocean once more. That is the nature of water. It cannot help itself.

I sit alone in my empty house while children are bombed, whole populations starve, fossil fuels foul our rivers. My body in the climate march will probably not be noticed, but the bulk, the many, the ocean cannot be ignored.


Barb and Carrie climate march

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  1. Although we don’t totally Agree – nice Spoken

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